How to Speed Up a Bitcoin Transaction for Faster Confirmation

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UNCONFIRMED bitcoin transactions

On the 13th of December 2017, i bought about  $3500 worth of bitcoin from a broker.  This transaction took  about 3 weeks to no success . The transaction was stucked for over three weeks with no confirmation. A  week later i checked my account and noticed that the transaction was not finally confirmed and returned to the sender. But being an sincerer sender he rejected reception after the reversal. Last week i met a friend who was in a similar situation. I tried some  solutions which led to the confirmation of his transaction.  Since then i have been able to assist other people get their  bitcoin transactions confirmed faster. with numerous unconfirmed transactions in the Mempool, bitcoin users who want to get their transactions faster must use the best fees for faster confirmations. Today, i will share with you some of the things you should do if your transaction get stucked.  But before getting started , let us see, Why transactions take longer to be confirmed or get stucked.

You need the best transaction fee to get to have your transaction processed by a miner which lead to the confirmation of your transaction in the bitcoin network. Bitcoin transactions  get stucked because the fees you used is too low. As such miners will give priority to transactions with higher fees .

You can always check out when sending a transaction so as to get the best fee.  If bitcoins are sent with the best fees, then they will be confirmed faster. Those using wallet can always use the the priority fee when sending bitcoin from their wallet.

It become more challenging when you are the receiver and your transaction is stucked.  This happens because the input is still unconfirmed. In the case like mine where you have many confirmed inputs, you will no be able to spend the transaction till all the other  transactions text are confirmed.

Let us see some basic things that you need to do so as to  get the answer to  the popular question ” How to make a bitcoin confirmation faster” . In this  post  we will assume that you are the one who received the transaction.

In order to get your transaction confirmed using a service, tool or technique, you will need the transaction hash(not the bitcoin address).
you can find the transaction hash by pasting you wallet on Here is a sample harsh

                                            Things that Will not work!!

When you find yourself in such a situation, here are some things you might try to do which in my opinion will not help in making your bitcoin transaction text  get confirmed faster.

*Write to the support of your wallet Provider: I am doing this post out of experience . This is not the best thing to do as your wallet provider might even take a week to respond to you. The respond will not be positive. The usual thing is ” There is nothing we can do to help”. I wrote to several times in my case but finally got a respond on twitter which did not solve my problem and frustration.

*One Guy will Contact you On twitter or some forum and tell you he can help

Whenever you find your self in such a situation, you will seek to get a solution very fast which don’t have to be the case. You will find your self posting on twitter,Facebook,bitcoin talk and other forums. The bad guys aka scammers are always ready to make use of your weakness.  So they will contact you and tell you how they can make things  happen. and will equally tell you you should pay them some fees because clients they have served ran away with their money. So, you might have to pay and when you do that nothing will happen. The guy will move on to find another client. so don’t waste you time trying to get such a solution.

          Free Solutions Worth Trying ( They Must not Work) 

*Get the Raw Text ad Submit to a network:

If you have your transction ID (harsh), copy and replace the red text below with it. ID HERE?format=hex

you should see a string of text that looks like the one below

Get the raw data and submit to the network. This can be done by simply going to     to submit your text for broadcasting into the network.

If you understand coding, then you can always decode the hexadecimal code using this link( If you don’t then no need to boarder.

 Spend the Transaction with Higher Fees

If  your wallet allows you to spend unconfirmed transactions, then you should consider  spending the bitcoin your received with a higher fee. This will compensate for the lower fee used in the input. Even if your wallet allow you to spend unconfirmed transaction,you might arrived a situation where nothing will work because of many unconfirmed inputs . This solution is not for you then.  A wallet like electrum is a good wallet worth trying.

Submit to Sites that Claim to be Offering Free Bitcoin Confirmation

some websites offer bitcoin  transaction acceleration for free. In my opinion they are actually doing a publicity of their paid services. However, i will not like you to  assume because i said so. You can try it by yourself. What did not work for me might work for you. If you are wiling to pay i recommend you move to the next part of the post to have access to recommended online bitcoin acceleration tools/services. For the free ones you can try the following. If any work for you , please let us know and make sure you donate some BTC to the site to make the game fair right?


If you have tried  using the free accelerators to no success,then prepare to spend some money. They have worked for me and others.  But below is a quick solution to those who have access to miners.

                   Quick Solution ( Worth Mentioning) 

If you know a miner personally or someone who is in a good mining pool you can contact him/her for assistance. Make sure you know the person. Don’t contact the fake miners found every where on the internet. They will only end up frustrating you.

                     Paid Services/Accelerators

Bitcoin accelerators are tools that can be used to submit your transaction text to mining pools increasing the probability of confirming your text within the shortest time possible. Some of these acceleration services are provided by mining pool .

  1. accelerator                                                                                                                                                            This accelerator  allow payment through credit card. The service seem to work for those based in China. The fees was to high for me so i never used the service. However, i have friends who have used this service. They charge you based on text size. The fee is at about $11/KB. The final price will depend on severar factors. some of which include : text size,network congestion, input text(confirmed or unconfirmed). You can give this tool a try by clicking on the link below.

Accelerator Link:

BTC.COM is a bitcoin company that offers the sales of mining tools, has a mining pools,has a bitcoin wallet,bitcoin cash wallet , bitcoin exchange among others. is run by Bitmain  China.

            2. Via Btc Acceleraor

Via Btc is a cloud ming company that offers ming contracts for bitcoin,ethereun,litecoin and Zcash. This company has an acceleration tool. The free service is available for 100 submision per hour and for text with a minimum fee of 0.0001BTC/Kb This means if your transaction has zero fees or less that this. then you are out .

If you transaction has an unconfirmed input, then this service is not equally for you. If the transaction is ”Double spent” then dont try this service. To use the paid service, you need to pay with BCH.

If you are in line with this then check out the acceleration link below

Accelerator Link:

Stay Safe 

*Never give your wallet login to anyone who claim will help in confirming your transaction.

*Don’t give your recovery phrase to the so call miners.

  • Watch out for fake twitter pages claiming to confirm your transactions.
  • Don’t accept to click on links sent by someone claiming he can help you out.
  • Remember to thank me after reading this.

Okay guys. At this stage i guess you must have sorted yourself out.  If things are not still working, then you can contact us let us do this together.  We will try to sort out the number of the text that need to be confirmed in your transaction among others. Its not free though.  We refund you if we find that your text is too bulky. If you want free services just try the ones above. if not then there is one other solution which i will mention below

Be Patient

This is the last option and the best option if you are not willing to spend anything. It is commonly said that the patient dog eat the fastest borne. But there is one thing that might happen, it might possibly die of hunger one day. Okay.  Most unconfirmed transactions usually take time to get confirmed . The good thing is that they end up being confirmed. The exact time depends on the number of unconfirmed transaction in the Mempool. The time can vary from days to weeks and even months. Some might just get stuck forever especially those with lower fees.  With the introduction of the lightning network among other to better bitcoin transaction. This problem might be something no one will mention again in the future.


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