How to Buy MTN And Orange Credit with Bitcoin in Cameroon

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Do you know you can buy airtime in Cameroon with bitcoins? 

 Bitcoin in Cameroon seem to be starting given the fact that Cameroon is at the implementation phase of the digital economy. However, we will not have to wait for things to move at the snail rate . Getting involve with cryptocurency is very important as we can use this digital asset to buy goods and services just like the dollar, Euro and failed CFA which Cameroon and other countries in the CFA  Zone seemed to be trapped with.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoins is a  new form of digital currency that was introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamato.   This currency uses encryption techniques to regulate its generation and transactions. It came as a solution to solve the problem of high transfer rates that banks have been using to exploit citizen around the world. This is the generation of be your own bank. We have posted a full course on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in videos for those who want to get more details.


Where can i get Bitcoin in Cameroon? 

You can buy bitcoin online in Cameroon with Express Union Mobile, MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money, Money gram or with other digital currencies like etherium,Dogecoin and more at

Now that you know what bitcoin is and how to get bitcoin, i think it is high time to see how to spend your bitcoin by buying airtime  to top up your MTN CAMEROON and Orange Cameroon moblie phones. Today, i am going to show you how  you do that while watching TV. We will be using the website called bitrefill.

What is Bitrefill?

Bitrefill is a website that allows  you top up any prepaid mobile phone using bitcoin.  For the moment, bitrefill supports  over 600 operators in 150 countries. The website is available in English ,French,  Arabic , Spanish and Russian. The website supports more than 30 African countries Including Nigeria and Egypt which are the top countries when it comes to internet in Africa.

How to Recharge MTN and Orange Cameroon Airtime with Bitrefill


1. Bitcoin wallet (block is the recommended wallet)

2. Bitcoin( you can buy on crypto Africa Trade)

3. MTN or Orange Cameroon Number.

Procedure(Steps) to Buy Bitcoin on Bitrefill in Cameroon

Step1:  Go to 

Step2: Select the country (Cameroon) and enter you number.  and Click on see Prices in green.

Step3: On the page that opens you can enter the amount in FCFA that you want to  recharge your phone with.The default prices are 5000 XAF,10,000 XAF,25000 XFA,35000 XAF and 40 000XAF as of now. However you can buy with as low as 250 XAF with the custom option.  You are required to enter your email at this stage too. Confirm your order and click on the Green Button(To Payment). Make sure your operator is sected.

pay with bictoin in Cameroon with Bitrefill

Step4: Payment Stage

This step is the payment step. You are required to send btc in exchnage for MTN Cameroon or Orange Cameroon airtime. At this stage you have three options.

Option 1: Pay with zero fee using and local bitcoin wallets.

Option 2: Pay with altcoins (other cryptocurrencies) like Bancor, aragon,bitcoin cash,dash,digibyte,dogecoin,DigixDao,Decred,Blackcoin,Etherum,Golem,Gnosis,Funfair,EOS,Litecoin,Monacoin,Namecoin,NXT,Augu,Start Coin,Ripple,Monero,Zcash,Wings among others.

Option 3:  Pay Manually by sending the exact amount of bictoin indicated on the address shown on the payment page.

I have used option 1 and 3 since i always exchange my altcoins to bitcoins on

Step5: Once you have made payment you just have to sit back, relax and wait for the  confirmation  message. Hurray, you have converted crypto to fiat and now you can make your call and say , Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the currency of the future.  Your views in the comment section. Stay connected to crypto Africa for more updates.

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