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The question on how to get bitcoin online in Africa got an answer on crypto Africa. You can now buy bitcoin in Africa on our website.

Hello to all bitcoin and cryptocurrency users in Africa. Just as a reminder bitcoin and cryptocurrencies  have come to change the story of Africans who are looked upon as poor in the world. In addition to the riches that people talk about all the time, the moment for the reality is now with the dawn of digital currencies. buying and selling digital currencies should be done in Africa the same way it is done all over the world. That is why we crypto Africa has been created to make you stay upo to date with the technology that has created a millionaire from $27.

Bitcoin Investment: The $27 of bitcoin that worth $886k

We are glad to introduce a solution for Africans becoming from Africa. Our solution came to provide a stop to the bitcoin scams People had been victim in the past in attempt to trade with Africans. We have built the plat form that is based on four main features:

1. It is easy to use by anyone in Africa

2. We accept local payments within Africa

3. Timely Delivery of bitcoin,etherum, monero among others anywhere in Africa.

4.Our plat form is secured.

So how  can you buy bitcoin online in Africa using your computer or mobile phone?

It is simple guys, follow the steps below

Step1: Go to

Step2: Select the payment method you have. It can be any money transfer option on just another cryptocurrency. For the moment, we have bank transfer,UBA Afripay, Paypal,Express union,Mobile money  and more. We count on you to suggest payment methods available in Africa. We will do our best to integrate it into our system.

In the screen shot i have used Express Union Mobile which is used by our clients from Benin,Congo,Central Africa, Chad,Gabon,France and Canada.

Step3: Enter the amount you want to send   and the charges will be automatically calculated.

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Step4: Click the Blue Arrow and Enter your email  and Bitcoin Address and Click on Next

Step5: In the last step, you will need to confirm you have made payment into our accounts by putting in the transaction number.

Buy bitcoin online in Benin,Gabon,congo

Once that is done , you can confirm your payment and wait for your bitcoins to be delivered. We typically take 5-30 minutes to process your transaction.

You can always track your transaction using the tracking number that will be sent to your mail box. Get bitcoins now and make money with it ,get bitcoins now and send money abroad,get bitcoins now and have fun in the crypto word  ,get bitcoin now and enjoy being the pioneer of digital innovation in Africa. Have a great day and enjoy crypto Africa.

All our bitcoins are stored offline making us to deliver timely and to stay away from situation of attacks on our account.  Are you ready?  Get Bitcoins on our  website Now


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