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    Binance is one of the best exchange for trading with cryptocurrencies. You can buy almost all the cryptocurrencies in circulation and keep them safe in Binance’s wallets.

    Binance.com provides the purchase of almost all the major cryptocurrencies in CoinMarketCap . In this article you will find the link to the official site for registration, a guide on how to transfer funds to Binance and find out how the exchange works to exchange your Bitcoins with other cryptocurrencies.

    I’ve written for you the easiest step by step guide to buying Ripple, IOTA or any other cryptocurrency .

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    Binance: The Best Website / Exchange To Trade With Cryptocurrencies
    How To Register On Binance.com, The Official Site And The Step By Step Guide
    How to Login to Binance and Start Trading With Cryptocurrencies
    How To Transfer Funds To Binance To Buy (Swap) All Other Cryptocurrencies
    Copy the Bitcoin deposit address from Binance.
    Paste the deposit address on Coinbase.
    How to Trade And Buy Cryptocurrencies With Binance
    How to Buy Ripple on Binance
    Binance Coin: The Cryptocurrency For A Zero Fees Trading
    The application of Binance for iOS and Android
    Binance: The Best Website / Exchange To Trade With Cryptocurrencies
    binance logo

    First of all I would like to point out that Binance is exclusively an exchange of cryptocurrencies. Therefore it does not allow to directly purchase cryptomete from credit card or bank transfer. Before you can buy all the cryptomena present in Binance, you will then have to own Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or Litecoin to be transferred to the Binance wallet. Then you can buy cryptomonete such as Ripple, IOTA, EOS, and many others.

    If you do not yet have any cryptocurrency to transfer to Binance , then you must first switch to other exchanges, such as Coinbase , which will allow you to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin by credit card or bank transfer. A useful and simple guide that explains how to buy one of these four crypts from credit / debit card or bank transfer is this one .

    Once you have obtained one of the four cryptocurrencies, you can transfer them to the Binance wallet address and then exchange them with the other virtual coins. Reading this article you will discover all the procedures to transfer funds from Coinbase to Binance and buy cryptocurrencies.

    Let’s start now with the guide to registering our Binance account .

    How To Register On Binance.com, The Official Site And The Step By Step Guide
    The official Binance website is Binance.com . Registering is very simple, here are the steps to follow:

    Click here to access the registration form. Here’s what you’ll see:
    binance registration
    Enter your email address in the ‘Email’ field.
    Enter your password to access the account in the ‘Password’ field.
    Repeat your password in the ‘Confirm Password’ field.
    Check the ‘I agree to Binanc├Ęs Terms of Use ‘ box.
    Finally, click on ‘Register’.
    Once you click on ‘Register’, check your e-mail address and click on the confirmation link that you will find in the e-mail you just received from Binance. If you do not see any emails after a few minutes, check your inbox.

    How to Login to Binance and Start Trading With Cryptocurrencies
    I know that for some it may seem trivial what I’m about to say, but browsing through the various interest groups on Facebook I noticed that some are finding difficulties in the login to Binance and pass the test of the puzzle:

    binance puzzle

    Binance, like many other exchanges, use security procedures to access accounts and make them as secure as possible.

    Binance uses a method of his own that involves the resolution of a puzzle . The process is actually very simple and would not even explain it, but some find it difficult, so here is a brief guide:

    Click and hold the white button with the three green lines.
    Drag the button to the right until the colored puzzle piece matches the dark puzzle piece perfectly.
    how to solve the binance puzzle

    try binance puzzle

    binance login

    Congratulations! It took 1.3 seconds and you beat 98% of the other users at speed. Good! -D

    You now have access to your Binance account.

    How To Transfer Funds To Binance To Buy (Swap) All Other Cryptocurrencies
    Now that you have access to your account you can finally transfer funds to Binance to buy the other cryptocurrencies. You will be able to transfer almost all the cryptocurrencies in the Binance wallet.

    Now let’s see how to transfer the Bitcoins to Binance .

    I would like to point out that Bitcoin is the most universal and basic cryptocurrency to be exchanged with others. If you transfer the Bitcoin you will then have the opportunity to exchange them with any other cryptomena present on Binance. On the other hand, Bitcoin has a defect, especially if bought and transferred by Coinbase: high transfer fees and timing . To avoid this problem and save time and money you could buy Litecoin from Coinbase , transfer them to the Bineco Litecoin wallet, then convert them to Bitcoin and exchange them with other cryptomonetes.

    Now I show you how to transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance (the same procedure is also valid for the transfer of Litecoin or other crypts).

    Click on ‘Funds’
    ‘Deposits Withdrawals’
    transfer funds to binance

    Copy the Bitcoin deposit address from Binance.

    Type ‘Bitcoin’ in the search box at the top left
    Click on ‘Deposit’
    Select and copy the Bitcoin wallet (BTC Deposit Address) address making sure that you have not left any characters out of the selection .
    bitcoin deposit on binance

    Now we need to access the Coinbase account to send Bitcoin to this wallet address.

    Paste the deposit address on Coinbase.
    We access Coinbase and follow these steps:

    Click on ‘Buy / Sell’.
    Where you see ‘BTC Wallet’, click on ‘Submit’.
    The funds submission window will appear. Paste into the ‘Recipient’ the deposit Bitcoin address that you previously copied from Binance’s Bitcoin wallet.
    Enter the amount in Bitcoin (BTC) you want to transfer.
    Click on ‘Continue’ to confirm the operation.
    sending funds from coinbase to binance

    Well, now you just have to wait a few minutes, or a few hours (depending on the congestion and / or the network commission paid) to see the Bitcoins transferred to the Bitcoin wallet of Binance.

    A txid, a transaction identification code, is created for each transfer. You can use the txid to monitor at what point are the confirmations necessary for the transfer to complete. One of the best sites to check the status of the transaction is blockcypher.com . Enter the txid and click on ‘Search’ to see the status of the confirmations.

    bloackcypher txid bitcoin

    If you are transferring Bitcoins, the necessary confirmations will be a minimum of 6.

    Upon completion of all 6 confirmations you will see the Bitcoin amount on Binance in ‘Deposits Withdrawals’.

    How to Trade And Buy Cryptocurrencies With Binance
    Now that you have some Bitcoins in Binance’s account, you can finally exchange them with the other ciretomonetes. To do this:

    Click on ‘Exchange’.
    binance exchange

    How to Buy Ripple on Binance
    In the example you will see below we will go to buy Ripple , one of the most promising and speculative cryptocurrencies of the moment.

    After clicking on the basic Binance exchange, what you will see now is the trading platform where you can exchange Bitcoins with other cryptocurrencies.

    Since there are multiple cryptomonete available, I suggest you type the acronym of the cryptocurrency you want to buy on the search box to find it more easily. Now I explain the whole process to buy Ripple:

    Make sure you have ‘BTC’ as an exchange currency.
    Type ‘XRP’ (Ripple) on the search box.
    Click on ‘XRP / BTC’. You will see the exchange market between Ripple and Bitcoin (XRP / BTC).
    Make sure you are going to swap the ripples with the Bitcoins in the upper left-hand corner looking at the words XRP / BTC. The field you will be looking at now is ‘Buy XRP’ below the Ripple / Bitcoin trend graph:
    how to buy ripple on binance
    Enter the amount of Ripple you want to buy in the ‘Amount’ field.
    To simplify your work, Binance has created quick options to buy 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% Ripple from your Bitcoin balance.
    Once you have decided on the amount of Ripple you want to buy click on ‘Buy XRP’ to enter the Ripple purchase transaction.
    Ripples will be displayed after a few seconds in ‘Deposits Withdrawals’. If you do not see them within a few seconds or minutes it is very likely that you will have to repeat the operation.

    Sometimes operations are not immediately performed as a price change may occur during the process. It is therefore necessary to cancel the operation and repeat it to send it to a successful conclusion.

    This same procedure for buying cryptocurrencies can be followed for the exchange of all other cryptocurrencies present in Binance .

    Here are some of the main cryptocurrencies that you can buy on Binance:

    Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Gold
    Ethereum Classic
    … and many others …

    Binance Coin: The Cryptocurrency For A Zero Fees Trading
    Binance has created its own cryptocurrency to exchange crypto at zero fees: Binance Coin . It has an uptrend, and given the potential, it could be destined to grow more and more. I therefore recommend using Binance Coin to all those who are trading regularly with cryptocurrencies and do not want to lose money on exchange fees.

    The application of Binance for iOS and Android
    Binance has its own smartphone application. The application is available for both iOS and Android. Below you can find the download links on both platforms:

    Binance App for iOS: download .
    Binance App for Android: download .
    The review and the various guides to understand how Binance works have come to an end. I hope this article has come in handy and you are now able to trade with cryptocurrencies .

    If you want to discover other ways to make money with cryptocurrencies I suggest you follow this site . A portal where all the revenue opportunities that these cryptocurrencies are creating are collected.

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