Ethereum Or Bitcoin For Long Term Investment?

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Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin, which is a great success considering the pioneering status of BTC. It is worth more than 50% of all bitcoins in the world.

The distinctive feature of Ethereum is the smart contract functionality. It helps to provide additional security and to reduce transaction costs. Stored in the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts are the exchange mechanisms that can carry out the direct transaction of value between untrusted agents. This technology is one of the reasons behind Ethereum’s success.

Ethereum is well-known for volatility spikes. On 24 June 2017, the currency briefly crashed from $319 to 10 cents only to rebound later that day.

It depends how much money you got. Buying a coin that is worth 4k vs a coin that is worth 400$ makes a world of difference in a year from now I think. I would say that heavy buys of bitcoin and ethereum for long term where really profitable if you bought them years ago. For Bitcoin from at least 2011-2012 and for Ethereum from 2015, therefor I think if you dont have some serious money I would rather take a look on long term coins that cost much less than ethereum and have a value that you believe in, because the gains could be far far greater than if you invest mostly just in btc and eth at this point.
Both are strong choices. Ethereum is complex and will have more problems along the way, but has more potential for growth than BitcoinBitcoin is  has gone a long way, but it does one thing very, very well. It will always grow, because, like cash, it is the dependable, single purpose, common denominator that everyone understands and has heard o

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