Cryptocurrency Trading Beginners: From Zero to Hero in Crypto

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When I first learned about crypto, I had no idea how it all worked. I didn’t understand blockchain technology in any capacity and I knew nothing about investing in traditional or digital assets. Even still, my first inclination was not to come to a Facebook group and ask “Thoughts on..” or “What should I buy?”… Instead, I took full advantage of the wealth of information that was at my fingertips and sought to understand what I was dealing with. With 15 tabs on my browser open, I would stay up until 2 or 3AM knowing I had to get my kids up and go to work in the morning because I was determined to figure out how crypto and blockchain tech worked, on a high level and low level view. When I found terms or ideas I didn’t understand, I stopped where I was and researched them. It was overwhelming for me at times, and still is. Maybe all of this is easy for some people to conceptualize, but it was not simple for me. I didn’t use that as an excuse not to educate myself! YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER!

Once I felt like I understood I decided it was time to start investing in some alts and trading. AGAIN- this was a learning process. I absolutely took cues from FB groups, reddit, telegram, and other social media on what to research… Notice I didn’t say I took cues on what to blindly buy without giving it a second thought. There is SO MUCH misinformation that is spread through all the aforementioned places.. This should go without saying, but just because you read it online does not mean it’s true. Crypto is *NOT* the exception to this!

The lack of effort I’m seeing from so many people is unsettling, and frankly, I don’t understand it. Does your money and time mean nothing to you? Do you REALLY expect others to think for you, spoon feed you trades, and tell you what to do while you contribute nothing? Not only is that a losing strategy for trading, but it’s a losing strategy for life. I have little respect for those that come in here with an attitude like that.

There is so much more to crypto than just hitting buy and sell on an exchange, guys. Supporting quality projects will allow the technology and progression of crypto to flourish as a whole. How do you know what a quality project is if you never research anything for yourself? If you don’t consider these points then you are missing the mark of why you’re even here and why crypto exists. I wish everyone in here understood how important this time is- not just for financial gains, but for society and for our future..

Your knowledge will empower you. If we want mainstream adoption and if we have an end goal in mind, we have to take these things seriously. We should never stop learning. Diligence doesn’t mean half ass it.. It means careful, persistent work.. but in crypto- the work pays off. I know many people in here can vouch for that sentiment!

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