Chinese ICO Ban: 2 Cryptocurrencies That Increased by More than 50%

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Most stable Coins During the Blood Bath from China Ban

China has made the crypto market to fall with the coin fundraising(ICO) considered as illegal. According to reports companies that have raise fund through ICO in China should refund the money . The ban is as a result of the various scam ICOs that keep coming up and closing. During this period many cryptocurrencies have crashed down with some going down by more than 50%. This however is not the case with all the coins. SOME Coins are experiencing an excellent increase which traders can make use of at this moment which profit making is considered impossible by traders and Investors. Let us go through some of the coins we discovered . As a trader making 20% daily profits is a good trade according to my strategy. However, with cryptocurrencies that are very volatile i will make it 30% above in the Crypto world.

  1. OK Cash Coin                                                                                                                                                                                       OKcash known as ”The Bitcoin Grandson” is a digital currency based on the decentralized block chain technology.Just like any cryptocurrency OK Cash coin is the Future of Cash  best for Micro-payments . Transactions with OK Cash are Fast (Instant) across a Decentralized secure network  t. The currency is equally user User friendly, with the Lowest fees in the market. OK cash has crossed over 300% since the the markets were affected by the Chinese ban early this month.  OK Coin is still going up and we hope those who bough it are enjoying it. The market cap and coin in circulation are really proportionate and i think the coin can do very well. For long term investors you can buy now or wait till another bearish moment comes up for OK Cash.OK can be traded on the following plat forms: Bittrex(OK/BTC), (OK/EUR), Cryptopia (OK/Dodge and OK/LTC). Other BTC Exchange platform for OK Cash coin include Bleutrade and Nova Exchange. We will will welcome any other plat form where we can trade OK Cash in the comment section. You can get an OK cash coin wallet on the web, on Mobile Desktop and IoT Devices. You can equally store OK Cash offline on paper wallets. You can check more at
  2. Vericoin Coin      Vericoin Coin    is another coin we discovered was increasing as the other coins were bleeding from the ICO Ban.The coin is said to offer transactions that are ten times faster than bitcoin with minimum fee. Vericoin Coin is based on a dual block chain system called the Binary – chain , which secures and facilitate trasnaction through proof-of-Work (Pow) and Proof-of Stake(PoS). As every cryptocurrency, the language is decentarlization and security. Vericoin Coin is just the first coin which is said to be completely immutable.          You can trade this coin on Bittrex,Poloniex and Bleutrade.  Verizcoin can be mined and can be stored offline                                                    That was it about the coins that went above 50% during the blood bath period of early september.  OK Cash is a coin to invest in for some huge profits as it will be getting on Poloniex  for trading. Other coins that were bullish during this period includes Ethereum Movie Venture , DaxxCoin (DAXX),Bitbar and Hicoin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Coins to Watch   :   OmiseGo, NEM and Verge.                                                                                                                                                                 Which coin did you make profits with during the two days of ”Red”?

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